Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Anjaan posters


  1. Dear Mr Lingusamy,

    I’m your fan (atleast I used to be) since I enjoyed your movies like Run, Sandakozhi - really good ones and Bheema,Paiyaa too also from your production houses movies like Vazhakku Enn 18/9, Kumki are very good ones and am happy for you as a director and your production house ‘Thirupathi Brothers’ for bringing good movies to Tamil Movie Industry so far but I started to have a doubt going forward though I just finished watching the movie Anjaan and am really disappointed with you as a director and as a producer for the following reasons:

    - for making us watch a Tamil movie as dubbing movie in Theater because except Surya,Samantha & couple of other characters rest of all actors in the movie mostly speaks in Hindi or Telugu and you simply dubbed without any conscience about what Tamil audience think about the dubbing as it is so obviously noticeable and irritating to watch also hard to digest as we spend lots of money to pay to see a Tamil movie and you and other directors/producers make a movie for your own convenience as to making it easy for Hindi or other regional audiences as you could plan to release in their languages and hoping to get double/triple profit and Tamil audience/people are just fools right? it’s easily negligible?

    - the ‘Anjaan’ movie is just an average cliched one with no suspense,grip with bland storyline and slow pace - story,screenplay,acting,music etc., all looks dull rather than fresh and crisp and pacey

    - only plus is Surya-Raju,Samantha everything else just didn’t work out unfortunately for you because of lack of sincerity & honesty - to Tamil movie audience/people,lack of so many things I would say

    தமிழையும் தமிழனையும் கூறு போட்டு விக்காதிங்கப்பா

    My humble request is if you want to make a Tamil movie then please make a Tamil movie(from Title to End credits - Tamil Script) and if you want make a movie in different language then please make a movie in that language but please don’t cheat us by dubbing a movie and calling it as a ‘Tamil movie’

    Hopefully, I would like to see more number of good movies in the near future from you/your production houses.

    All the best!!


  2. Thirrupathi Brothers are now known worldwide for being morons Haven't seen or heard of them before now but now I have, and the only thing I know is they don't know how the internet works.

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